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Our catchy, upbeat pop songs are a great way of sharing Christian values in your school, church and community.  


Our songs are available to listen online via Amazon Music & Spotify.  Our lyric and dance videos are available to purchase from our shop.

Please report the use of iSingPOP songs in church or school to CCLI.

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Sunshine On A Rainy Day

CCLI Song #:7206069

Reach Out

CCLI Song #: 7206068


CCLI Song #: 7205991

The River Deep

CCLI Song #: 7205989

All The Love In The World

CCLI Song #: 7205993

Reach Out (Spanish)

CCLI Song #: 7206068

Hey Hey Hey

CCLI Song #: 7205992

Sweet Dreams

CCLI Song #: 7205994


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