Songs (2020/21)

Compatible with the new SIAMS requirements for collective worship

Produced by Zarc Porter

Writers: Adam Brown / Mark Pennells / Zarc Porter

Keyboards: Zarc Porter / Andy Green / Isaac Porter

Guitars: Dan Wheeler

Vocals: Shell Perris/ Nic Scholey / Nicki Rogers

Mixed: Zarc Porter

All Over The World (Preview)

CCLI Song #: 7136479

Thank You (Preview)

CCLI Song #: 7136480

Lighting Up The World (Preview)

CCLI Song #: 7136481

We're Not Alone (Preview)

CCLI Song #: 7136482

Viva Forever (Preview)

CCLI Song #: 7136483

Just The Way You Are (Preview)

CCLI Song #: 7136484

Everlasting Peace (Preview)

CCLI Song #: 7136485




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