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helping children & families experience joy, unity and heartfelt worship. 

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iSingPOP was honoured to be invited to join the party at ALIVE 2023! 


This incredible event brought together 9,000 children and adults for worship concerts, picnics, and inspiring messages. 


The iSingPOP Praise Team performed
faith-filled sketches and songs to fill the event with life and energy, helping kids explore how they can be world changers!

Big Church Festival?
More like a Big Praise Party!

We have been thrilled to be a part of this incredible event for years, and good reason!

From igniting the Main Stage with passionate family worship to grooving on the Avenue in a silent, not-so-silent, disco, we love bringing the joy and energy of praise to Big Church Festival.

100 years of Swansea & Brecon!

It was a brilliant day of "music, games and thanksgiving!"

The sun was shining on a day-long centenary celebration! Here we enjoyed singing, dancing and praising God through uplifting worship. We even had the opportunity to facilitate a dance workshop with the young people!

Can we support your vision,
your event, and your mission?

Contact our bookings team, to find out how we can bring the iSingPOP Praise Party to you. 

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Our Praise 1 album contains all the songs we you've heard at:

Big Church Festival, 2024
Awaken, 2024
Coventry Jamboree! 


Like what you heard?
Buy the digital album today!

Click the link to buy the digital album for £9.99 or check out our iSIngPOP shop to find the dance videos too! 

ISPP CD small.png

meet the

Smiling blonde girl wearing pink.


Fave iSingPOP song: When I Get That Feeling 

Fun fact: My signature dance move is the worm

Smiling brunette girl, looking happily towards the camera


Fave iSingPOP song:

The Gift

Fun fact: I make the best pancakes EVER

Brunette girl sitting on a pink sofa, looking up whimsically


Fave iSingPOP song: Sunshine On A Rainy Day

Fun fact: I love doing accents

Smiling boy, in green, pointing to himself cheekily


Fave iSingPOP song:


Fun fact: I can complete

a Rubik's Cube

Brunette girl smiling on a windy day


Fave iSingPOP song: Fighting For Love

Fun fact: I used to be in

a girl band

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