iSingPOP weeks provide a great opportunity for churches of all sizes to partner with schools and open their doors to hundreds of members of their local community. The project always results in strengthened relationships between church and school and creates a platform for working together in the future. Wherever possible, we encourage a member of the clergy or a family/children’s worker to be a part of the teaching week building relationships with teachers and children. Having spent a week practising and recording, the children then perform the songs complete with dance routines in a brilliant uplifting concert in the church for families, teachers and other members of the community. During the concert the church has the opportunity to profile its activities and invite the audience to forthcoming services or events.



What are the songs about?

The songs are extremely catchy, fun to learn and are in a current style that the kids love. They are written from a Christian perspective and they tackle important relevant issues such as Love, Prayer, Friendship, Respect, Role Models, Caring for others, Social Justice and Forgiveness.


If your church sometimes struggles with a lack of available musicians, you may be interested to know about our sister project. iSingWorship provides flexible backing tracks in congregation friendy keys with lyric display.

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iSingPOP is part of Innervation trust (a UK based registered charity) and we rely on donations to be able to continue our work. Any donation large or small is gratefully received.




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