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You can help us to ensure that children, their schools and their families continue to have these awe-inspiring moments of Joy, Peace, Hope and Faith for years to come!

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If 100 people gave £6 a month, we could continue writing and producing our current, catchy iSingPOP songs each year. Can you become a Joy Giver today and help thousands more young people find their voice through uplifting and relatable music?

If 65 people gave £12 a month, we could see up to 800 young people, family members, teachers, and their local church experience an iSingPOP concert! Can you help us bring together and strengthen another home, church and school community?

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For £22 a month, an iSingPOP Hope Sharer can bring our Classroom Worship resource to an entire school for a year. Can YOU help over 90,000 children receive high-quality collective worship and the good news of the gospel each week? 

Starting at £50 per month, an iSingPOP Faith Explorer will help us see countless schools receive ‘The Main Event’, our week-long performing project. Your gift will plant seeds of faith in schools across the UK, which will grow for many years to come.

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With a million ideas and dreams for future projects, songs and relationships, your giving will help with our growth and vision as an organisation. We are excited about the bright future ahead.

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