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Days 1-3 - Teaching

Spend the first 3 days of the project learning a set of catchy, fun-filled pop songs with your iSingPOP project leader. Each song is based on an important and inclusive Christian value.

Day 4 - Concert

The following week perform a live concert involving every member of the school to your local community in your church. We supply professional live production including PA, visuals and all equipment necessary for your concert.

We will leave the school and church with a set of teaching videos so you can keep on singing! You can also carry on with the iSingPOP Experience by signing up to Classroom Worship, our weekly Collective Worship resource.

main event

"A whirlwind of a week with a wonderful end product for the whole community!" 

"A professional, enthusiastic, fun, Christ-centred organisation where the leaders, in a short amount of time, create close relationships with the children and make learning about Jesus and the learning of songs and dances fun and a cool thing to do." 

"The most amazing project a church school can invest in for both community and spiritual development. " 

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