The 2020 Experience (new)

Spend the first 3 days of the project learning a set of catchy, fun-filled pop songs with your iSingPOP project leader. Each song is based on an important and inclusive Christian value.

Days 1-3 - Teaching


On the forth day of the project, an iSingPOP engineer will arrive with cameras, sound and lighting equipment to film the children in their class bubbles. The results will then be taken back to the studio and produced into a fantastic concert movie.

Day 4 - Filming


#iSingPOP WatchParty

Day 5 - Concert

It's showtime! The whole school community will be able to tune in and enjoy this fun experience together at home.

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Our Covid provisions:

 Project leaders and engineers will only go into schools if they feel physically well.

Project leaders and engineers will need to be aware of the Covid provisions in the school, and take appropriate measures in accordance with the government guidelines, and being aware of the school procedures.


If a tutor, or engineer, feels unwell whilst in school, they must make the school contact aware, and contact their iSingPOP Senior Area Manager immediately.


Project leaders and engineers will wash hands at the beginning, and end of each session, and to carry hand sanitiser, a face covering, and tissues.


Project leaders and engineers will be aware of the school’s guidelines, and ensure they use the one way systems in school, and keep a 2m-5m distance (where possible 5m, but minimum of 2m), from staff and children.


It will be the school’s responsibility to place the children appropriately, and in line with their own Covid precautions.


Timetable to be pre-arranged in accordance with the school’s timings.  The school will arrange which room will be used, and the amount of children in each session according to their ‘school bubbles’.


If a class bubble has to go into isolation, we will work with the school either to teach the school online or rearrange teaching day & filming days.


Project leaders and engineers to be aware of ventilation in the room, in accordance with the school’s procedures.
Project leaders to bring perspex barriers with them to use whilst teaching.


Project leaders to be aware to keep a 2m-5m distance (where possible 5m, but a minimum of 2m), between themselves, and the front row of children.
Using benches to place between themselves and the front row if necessary.

The above provisions to be actioned by the project leaders and engineers, in school for each project.





Safeguarding Policy

iSingPOP Covid19 Precautions

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