If you are the parent of a child who has just taken part in an iSingPOP week we are guessing  you’ve already heard all about the songs, the recording and the concert. It is always an honour to work with other people’s children and we hope your child found it as rewarding as we did.

The project is designed to give your child a thoroughly enjoyable experience whilst improving their performance skills, helping them to gain confidence and work as a team. However, we do catch the odd mum or even dad secretly listening to the songs and so we do very much hope that you will love them too.

We would love to hear your stories so please get in touch by emailing us at office@isingpop.com or please fill out the contact form here


CD title

Is your school CD showing up as a different school when you insert it into your computer?​

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The Songs

iSingPOP’s award winning production team provides specially written, catchy and energetic songs for the project, in a style that the children love. The lyrics of the songs are written from a Christian perspective and are full of positive content covering values such as friendship, hope, peace, compassion, love and thankfulness. 




Safeguarding Policy

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