iSingPOP is a primary school music project that brings together school, church and community. Thousands of children will be given the opportunity to record their very own album and perform a live concert in the local church.

Whilst we are unable to perform, we have created a brand new iSingPOP 2020 project.  Why not bring some much needed joy into your school & homes with our new covid friendly Rehearse, Film , #watchparty experience.

The iSingPOP 2020 Experience:

Rehearse, Film, #watchparty

 The iSingPOP Christmas Extravaganza

Rehearse, Film, #WatchParty

The iSingPOP 2020 Workshop:

The iSingPOP Experience:

Rehearse, Record, Perform, Resource

The iSingPOP YouTube Series:



CofE Collective Worship Series 2




Safeguarding Policy

iSingPOP Covid19 Precautions

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