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Welcome to
The Pop Box.

An exciting new way to do church for kids,
this unique concept enables you to run an
interactive all-age service in any venue or space.

Made in partnership with
Gloucester Diocese

What is it?

Developed in partnership with Gloucester Diocese and funded by the Diocesan LIFE Development Fund, iSingPOP brings you the Pop Box - a fresh new children’s church resource, which can be picked and mixed by you! 


All you need is a tablet or phone and this digital, portable resource will come to life. The Pop Box might be small, but it is bursting with ideas and resources. Each box contains twelve interactive services which include Bible stories, prayers, games, songs, animations, crafts, and engaging discussion points. 

The Pop Box, 4 holding crosses that represent Saints days, like pentecost, ordinary time, Lent or Advent and celebrations such as Easter and Christmas
Tip 1 - Download Your Content
Tip 2 - Think Outside The Box
Tip 3 - Power in Prayer
Tip 4 - Make It Your Own
Tip 5 - Let Them Take Over
Tip 6 - Creative Uses
Tip 7 - QR Code Troubleshooting
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