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Is your school CD showing the wrong school?


When a CD is inserted into a PC, laptop, Mac or console, the default media player (Windows Media, iTunes etc) will automatically look up the audio CD information over the internet using something called a Compact Disc Database (CDDB), an example of which is Gracenote.

 The CDDB will then attempt to identify the CD details by using fingerprint from the media software based on a calculation around the number of tracks and their lengths. The first match returned by the CDDB will then be supplied to the media software and the data displayed for the user.

 Since identification is based on the order and length of tracks, there is a chance that the CDDB could return incorrect details for an iSingPOP CD as multiple schools will have had the same number of tracks in the same order.

 The school displayed as the Artist on the media player will therefore sometimes be different from the school whose vocals are actually on the CD.

 Please be assured that each CD is individually mastered and produced to the highest standards, and each stage of the process is carefully monitored to ensure accuracy.

 Please do not hesitate to contact us ( if you have any further questions.




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